Toddler Books 1-2-3

Reading a 1,000 children’s books sounds like a lot, but if we read a new book every day it’s a pretty attainable goal. In Missouri it’s been freezing and snowy the last couple days so these books have been my go-to for toddler entertainment. I’m currently 37+ weeks pregnant so Cecy and I haven’t had many outdoor snow adventures these days.

Chicka Chicka 1.2.3 by Bill Martin Jr, Michael Sampson and Lois Ehlert


This is a fun, colorful book that rhymes and encourages counting. The story length is age appropriate – it held my two year old’s attention through the book. I also liked that it is a board book, so it’s pretty sturdy. She likes to flip the pages or ‘read’ books herself and I always get a bit nervous with paper books that she might accidentally tear.

Add it to your library

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo by Kevin Lewis, pictures by Daniel Kirk


Do you know a little kid who doesn’t love trains? We’ve read this book several times this week and it’s a great rhyming book plus you get to repeatedly say (or shout) fun words like ‘whoooo! whooo!’

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Caillou – No More Diapers 


I’m pretty sure Caillou is a children’s show that we don’t watch and I’m okay with that. Cecy currently has 3 shows – Princess Elena, Princess Sofia and The Mickey Mouse Club House. I’m trying to limit to 3 for now and man does my girl love her princesses! Despite not being familiar with the Caillou character, we picked this book because of it’s toilet training theme. I’d say we are in a pre-toilet training stage and she’s very interested in the topic. I’m hoping that translates to no more diapers for my toddler soon.

Potty training too? This book might be worth a read

Have you read these books? We’d love to know what you think of them or if you have suggestions for books to read this month. I’d especially like to find some books about becoming a big sister.


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