Bath time books and favorite toys

Bath time is a fun nightly ritual at our house filled with bubbles and laughter. This week we have been reading Tubby by Leslie Patricelli which is a cute and funny book about a little boy getting a bath.

The book we have isn’t waterproof, so we don’t read it in the bathtub. However, we have a few books that are like Sesame Street – Splish Splash!

Cecy seems to learn best when she’s having fun, so we’ve used bath time to learn about body parts by saying ‘where is your belly?’, ‘how about your ears?’, ‘did we clean your elbows?’, etc.

She’s also picked up most of her colors from her favorite bath time toy which are simple nesting cups (similar to these). For Christmas we bought her some foam letters and numbers. Right now we are mostly sticking them to the tub wall or to our foreheads if we are feeling extra silly.


How about you, do you read bath time books with your toddler or have fun/educational tub-time toys? We’d love to hear about it! 

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