Best Big Sister Books

She’s here! We welcomed our second little girl last week. In all the excitement of visitors, baby presents, and split attention I want Cecy to know that being a big sister is a promotion and she is more loved than ever. It’s a tough concept for a two-year-old, so to help her understand what being a big sister means we’ve filled our reading list with books about becoming a big sister.

I Am a Big Sister! by Caroline Jayne Church 

This little rhyming book shows how becoming a big sister is exciting because big sisters can help parents take care of the new baby and they will have a new best friend as baby gets bigger. I think it’s perfect for the toddler age group.

We Have A Baby by Cathryn Falwell

This is a sweet book about a family with a new baby to love and take care of. The pictures in the book are great to point out how the parents are taking care of the baby and the brother is helping in toddler appropriate ways. The words are so simple –  talking about the pictures is key to keeping a toddlers attention and making this book meaningful for our family.

What Shall We Do With The Boo-Hoo Baby? by Cressida Cowell and illustrated by Ingrid Godon

When our baby cries our golden retriever gets the most upset.  This funny book tells the story of a cow, duck, cat and dog who try everything they can think of to soothe a crying baby until finally the baby falls asleep and they do too. Keeping babies happy is a pretty exhausting task! Of all the books we’ve read, this is the book Cecy requests most.

Best-Ever Big Sister by Karen Katz

In this lift-the-flap book the big sister can do all types of things that her little brother/sister can’t do yet, but will some day when they are bigger. Cecy hasn’t quite hit all the milestones that the big sister in the book talks about (we are still potty training and sleeping in a crib), but she is familiar enough with the concepts that she enjoys the book.

Supersister by Beth Cadena

We read this book about a little girl who is becoming a big sister soon and trying to find ways to help her mom. The little girl in the book is school-aged, so it wasn’t as great a fit for our family but it’s still a nice pick for young girls who are excited to become big sisters.

What I’ve learned is there are a ton of great options out there, but the key is to find books that  your older children can relate to and fit with your parenting style. Let me know if you have any books you suggest! 


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